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NR8 Post



Structural steel with a guaranteed yield greater than 250N/mm2, according to EN-10142. Zenzimir 20 micron coating both protects the post corrosion.


They are available Zn-Al coatings other and Zn-Mg (low order) that duplicate the corrosion resistance.


High mechanical strength

8 nerves perfectly defined confer high resistance, while you provide great rigidity.

Statis resistance

Its nerves specific design ensures enormous stability and a perfect settlement on the ground. Very large, which allows take a great "bite of land", providing optimum stability required for bower.

Dynamic resistance

The form and section of this post endow it with high torque capacity. This allows the acquittal of lateral stresses from the wind and the possible impacts of the machinery.

Wire accommodations

Its studied totally free of sharp edges cavity wire minimizes friction, prolonging this way its life.

The inverted shaped "H" design achieved quick and easy placement of the wire, while strongly prevents the wire from coming off. Its alternate grooved profile avoids weakening in its entirety.​

The versatility of the levels of accommodation allows up and down the wire with a simple movement.

The distance between grooves is 10 cm.

Especially recommended for:

• Loose soils and/or sandy.

• Trellises medium-high production load.

• Trellises medium-high dimensions.

A dive between 1/3 and 1/4 of the total length of the pole according to the conditions of each farm is advised.

The recommended distance between posts is 5 to 6 meters.

Post height                                 Sheet thickness

1,50 m.                                         1,2 mm.

1,70 m.                                         1,5 mm.

1,80 m.

2,00 m.

2,20 m.

2,30 m.

2,50 m.

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