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Post MXR


Structural steel with a yield strength of 250N/mm2 guaranteed, according to EN-10142. Zenzimir 20 micron coating both protects the post corrosion.

It is available Zn-Al coatings other and Zn-Mg (low order) that duplicate the corrosion resistance.


High mechanical strength

Double profiling: Its marked ribs, longitudinal and transverse mechanical arrangement, make it the toughest market open post.

Maximum sheet thickness of 1,80mm, which enables use in all kinds of extreme situations.

High stability

Wide scale, ensuring anchored in all kinds od soil optimal. High torque capacity, which allows the absorption of the lateral forces of wind and possible impacts of the machinery.

Rounded finish

The rounded finish all angles facilitates the passage of the machines in the process of mechanization of the vineyard and avoid any damage to them, thanks to the absence of edges.

Accommodations wire

Without sharp edges, minimizes friction wire, extending the life thereof.


Its alternate grooving prevents weakening of the post, both at the time of nailing anda throughout the subsequent lifetime of the trellis.

Especially recommended for:

• Grounds which can have complications nailing.

• Farms with high production loads and large vegetative development.

• Trellises with frequent exposure to wind.


S’aconsella un clavat d’entre 1/3 i 1/4 de la longitud total del pal depenent de les condicions de cada finca.

La distància recomanada entre pals és de 5 a 6 metres.


Post height                                 Sheet thickness

1,50 m.                                         1,5 mm.

1,70 m.                                         1,8 mm.

1,80 m.

2,00 m.

2,20 m.

2,30 m.

2,50 m.

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