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P22 Post


Structural steel with a yield strength of 250N/mm2 guaranteed, according to EN-10142. Zenzimir 20 micron coating both protects the post corrosion.

It is available also in Zn-Al coatings and Zn-Mg (low order) that duplicate the corrosion resistance.


High mechanical strength

Pleats on the front that give a high resistance to the same competitive models.

Static resistance

Its specific design ensures great stability and a perfect settlement on the ground.

Dynamic resistance

The shape and post section confer high torque capacity. This allows the absorption of crosswinds and vibration to which it is subjected during harvesting machines.

Accommodations wire

No sharp edges, minimizes friction wire, extending its life.

The accommodation is minimized thereby wire post gains in strength without losing the ease of assembly of the wire.

Its alternate grooving prevents weakening of the post, both at the time of nailing and throughout the subsequent lifetime of the trellis.

Especially recommended for:

• Loose soils and/or sandy

• Bowers average production load

• Tall trellises up to 2 meters (post)


A dive between 1/3 and 1/4 of the total length of the post according to the conditions of the farm is advised.

The recommended distance between posts is 5 to 6 meters.

In very exposed to the wind farms should reduce the distance between posts 3-4 meters in the first rows of exposure.


Post height                                 Sheet thickness

1,50 m.                                         1,5 mm.

1,70 m.                                         

1,80 m.

2,00 m.

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