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ACYCOM-VALLS complements its posts with the full range of accessories for the bower of vineyards.

Type anchor helix

It consists of galvanized anchor disc and anchoring rod in differents lengths (600, 800 and 1000mm). It is situated behind the extreme post. Placement at a distance between 1 and 1,20m from the extreme post is advised. Available disc diameter 107 and 150 and thickness of 2,5 to 3mm. Available other anchor depending on the terrain.


Splicer-tension wire
Fast and easy to use. Easy solution for possible cuts in the tail of the wire. It can also be used as tensor. Maximum power voltage. Different diameters.
Available in 1 and 2 outputs.
Wire ratchet tensioner type

Accessory for all levels tensioned wire. Easy and simple operation, it is placed on the extreme posts with a single screw. Available in sensimir and hot galvanized to prolong life in the vineyard.


Galvanized wire for vineyard
We provide various types of high quality wire for vineyard:
• Triple galvanized hard

• Galvanized special high hardness

We have the following diameters:

• 2.0 mm for drip

• 2.4 mm for intermediate levels

• 2.7 mm to level training.

Dual camera protector with or without perforation. Greenhouse effect one year ahead of the growth of the plant.
Anchor rubber bands
Made with high elasticity rubberwith UV ray protection. It is used for the clamp of the branches to the wire.
Available in all heights and sizes.
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